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  1. Document Production and Review Tips using Adobe Acrobat Pro

    <p><strong>How to run multiple Acrobat OCR batches at once:</strong></p>  I was about to dive into a document review project today and ran into some "technical challenges". Here's how it worked out.  Hopefully this will save others some time…

    on document imaging, document production, OCR, PDF, portable document format

  2. Clean Up Your Writing - Tips for Lawyers to Improve Motions and Memos

    <p>While some lawyers ply their trade primarily in the courtroom, the reality is that most of us spend the majority of our time on written work product, not eloquent jury arguments.  This week, I came across two links that are quick reads and have the potential to…

    on legal writing, presentation

  3. Use of Harmonic Functions in Computer Animation at Pixar (article at AMS)

    <p>I came across this article published at the American Mathematical Society as part of my morning reading:</p> Moving Remy in Harmony: Pixar's Use of Harmonic Functions It's a really interesting discussion of how various geometric formulae are used to enable the characters to move…

    on 3d, animation, geometry, mathematics

  4. Apple's Presentation Mastery - Why time stands still at 9:42 on iPhone

    <div class="posterous_bookmarklet_entry"> via Network World writers wondered why "every picture of every iPhone in every Apple ad shows the time as 9:42." As it turns out, the answer is based upon the timing of the Keynote presentations. An Apple VP explained: "We…

    on apple, iPad, keynote, powerpoint, presentation, steve jobs

  5. What To Do When A Hard Drive Fails | Server Zone

    <div class="posterous_bookmarklet_entry"><div class='p_embed p_image_embed'> via The post linked above walks you through steps to recover data from a hard drive by repeatedly freezing it.  I haven't tried it, nor do I plan to. The…

    on backup, data recovery, failure, hard drive

  6. An update on my service, and the LTE / WiMAX conundrum

    <p>I <a href="">wrote about Clear</a> when it was first launched in San Antonio. &nbsp;The TLDR version of that article is that I had mixed feelings about the service from a business perspective, but felt that…

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