MOG Internet Radio

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		<p><em>Listen only to your favorite artist, or mix in songs from similar artists</em> via <em>unrestricted radio</em>. See what songs are coming up next, or jump back and listen to a track again. <em>Music plays non-stop</em>, even in on-demand mode where you can select individual albums or songs to listen to. As your selection of songs comes to an end, we add similar songs to your queue so your listening experience isn’t interrupted.</p>
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<p>Ok, this is seriously cool.  I've tried and Pandora in the past and while they have their place, I was always frustrated by their limitations.  It felt more like the labels were making me listen to what they wanted, not what I was after.  

Sure, MOG's a pay service, but $5/mo is very fair. If you buy much iTunes music, you'll clear that price very quickly.

The drawback is that even with their Library feature, you don't really own a license to the music that survives beyond the service. So, if you cancel your account, or if their Terms of Service changes, if they go out of business, or just decide to raise prices, you don't get to keep any of the music. But many people are fine with this model and are willing to make the trade-off just as they do with Netflix or Blockbuster subscriptions.

You also can't download the music to your iPod or MP3 player because its streaming. They do have an iPhone client and I would expect that over the course of time, streaming is going to become even more pervasive. If Boxee/XMBC, Android, and other devices can tie in to the service then they'll really have a strong contender in MOG. Certainly Google is betting on cloud-based data with their ChromeOS and this is no different.

Overall, I think it's worth the tradeoffs and limitations if you have even a modest monthly music budget.