First Post

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I had planned to (and will at some point) post a resume on here.  In lieu of a full CV, my next thought was short bio.  My first sentence was going to be something along the lines of "I'm an attorney specializing in Intellectual Property Law and Business Litigation in Texas".  But I wound up getting hung up on the words "I AM".  That's pretty heavy stuff when you think about it.  Tying one's self-identity to a license you hold or a job you do at one point in your life.  At various times in the past I could have said "i am" to the roles of web designer, Java programmer, PHP programmer, entrepreneur, small business owner, consultant, global traveller, lawyer, and number of others.

So instead, I'll just say that my day job is helping out startups, small businesses and innovators who have problems with Intellectual Property Law and Business Litigation in Texas.  Most of the time that means litigation surrounding contracts, copyrights, trademarks, and patents. If you want to know more about that aspect, then you can see my firm profile at

Why Start Now?

I've been a relatively staunch holdout on the social media and blogging trends, at least in terms of posting world-viewable information.  I'm moderately active on my facebook account, but limit the scope of my friends list there.  In part, this is because I value the public/private separation that pre-dated online social media.  And in part it is because I have a sufficiently long list of personal flaws that I don't need to add rampant narcissism to the list. 

However, I've also been trying to keep my to-do list and notes-to-self by email and in various programs on my laptop and iphone.  Invariably, the list of things I'd like to do and articles I've bookmarked gets moved, deleted, or abandoned.  So, I'm going to give this a shot via Posterous as a way to maintain a personal journal and thought organizer.  Posterous looks like a great service because of its tagging and private-post functions so it can be used as more than a general blogging platform.

There is also probably some value to be had by making some of those entries public as well.  Often, items on my personal to-do list get postponed and deferred until they've become outdated and moot. In no small part, that's because work has a way of engulfing all of my unallocated time.  In some small way, if only psychologically, making this stuff public may be an incentive to follow through on those items that might otherwise get demoted so frequently that they wind up abandoned.

While I may well be the only visitor to this blog, if any of my public posts prove useful to others so much the better.  So without further ado, I guess it's time to click the "Post" button...


* I added a photo to my profile, necessitating an edit.  It was already on the web via my Twitter account so I don't see the harm in having it here as well.